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Repairs price catalog

Panel Circuit Protective Device Replacement Single Phase - (MCB) (Includes Material & Labor Cost )

39,00 €

Replacement of 3KW electric resistance water heater (Includes Material & Labor cost)

150,00 €

One tone bell replacement (Includes Material & Labor cost)

60,00 €

Replacement of single phase automatic leakage switch (RCD) 2 X 40 (Includes Material & Labor cost)

65,00 €

Replacement of three-phase automatic leakage switch 4 X 40 (Includes Material & Labor cost)

90,00 €

Antenna Replacement or Installation (Includes Material & Labor cost)

100,00 € - ( If mast is required , will be charged extra )

Heater Switch Double Pole Replacement (Includes Material & Labor cost)

30,00 € 

Installation or Replacement of one Zone Analog Timer (Includes Material & Labor cost)

110,00 € 

Installation or Replacement of one Zone Digital Timer (Includes Material & Labor cost)

300,00 € 

Installation of Lighting Fixtures

12,00 € / L.F. - minimum charge 25,00 €


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